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 ताजा खबर:

दिनांकित 2 August - This is to inform you all that our Deligation 3 members are in Jaipur Met Rajkumar sharma on 1st , as CM was sick ,he could not attend the meeting sothey met Rajkumar Sharma ,  today they also met Rajkumar sharma , Tommrow they shall be meeting with MD along with Rajkumar sharma at 'SWAVTHA BHAVAN', on the issue of  Appraisal Form , Deligation member are requesting you all , do not listen to any wrong thought , CM has shown his anger on strike issue , Main Problem is Sumit Sharma , He is Major Curlprit , he has taken personal Ego , wo apne Aham mai hai .

Yeh bhi afvah hai 29th ko CM ne deligation ko saaf mana kar diya , par aise koi bhi baat nahi hui , CM clearly said i am fighting for u in National Level , aap logo ko strike ki koi avashaktna nahi hai , aur jo bhi problem hai wo baat chit se suljha li jayegi. Please note abhi RESMA laga hua hai 30 Sep tak koi STRIKE nahi ho sakti , RESMA act mai SIDHE GIRAFTARI hogi , sath mai dhara 144 Jaipur mai hai , usme koi bhi Dharna Padarshan nahi go sakta, so aap log un NIKAME PUCHALE NETAO ki baat na sune , so sirf apne NETAGIRI ke naam par aap logo ke jindagi se khel rahe hai , jinka matlab sirf LEADER ki position ka DAMBH barna hai , abi PHS se saath sirf ek meeting hui hai , sirf  ek meeting mai result nahi ata .......kam se kam 3 se 4 meeting honi chahiye , aap log is baat ko plz samjhe , Final WORD - DO NOT DO STRIKE , THIS IS NOT A RIGHT TIME FOR STRIKE .

दिनांकित 29 July -  3 Member deligation Told that PHS & MD is busy in one project related to RAJIV GANDHI ....in that FREE DISTRIBUTION OF MEDICINE from 2nd october so they were not able to give time for meeting , hence we Devaram Told he will speak to RAJKUMAR SHARMA today on telephone & also planning to meet CM in 1st week , all are request to make themself ready to come to JAIPUR in first week of AUGUST to show CM & PHS& MD our Power of Unity , PLease do not sleep at home this time , when we inform come to jaipur in maximum numbers. (100 person per district )

दिनांकित 22 July - Letter was sent to all District for NEW BARBARIC APPRAISAL POLICY , we oppose that letter , no one woll fill this appraisal , if we need to TAKE SERIOUS AGAIN , WE WILL . please check Appraisal Letter

दिनांकित 21 July - 3 Member Deligation wrote a letter to meet UNION HEALTH MINISTER , at Delhi to discuss NRHM employee problems. Letter to Minister

दिनांकित 20 July - 3 member Deligation has spoken to Rajkumar Sharma on Telephone , Rajkumar sharma told he has written a letter to PHS & Sumit Sharma for demands of NRHM employees , mainly non filling of Appraisal form .

दिनांकित 18 July -  Meeting with CM in the morning , CM said to deligation , that letter you are making now for making permanent , we have sent already to Central , for Non Filling of Apprasal case was refered to Rajkumar Sharma , Rajkumar sharma told he will speak to Sumit sharma & will try to stop such letter , he called sumit sharma but his moblie was out of network , then deligation told he want in written assurance for the same in next meeting with PHS , next meeting with PHS shall happen before 30th July , so all are requested to come at jaipur on that that date atleast 2000 plus people , 60 people from each district .

 दिनांकित 17 July -  Meeting Taken Place on the schedule place , at about 1:00pm , Firstly - This was told importance of our to be unite , as only because of unity  on dated 15th Sumit sharma has withdrawn to sack 100 employee , SO WE MUST UNITE , without unity we cannot win this battle .in the meeting First it was told importance of this website , then Devaram / Dr Gora / Sunil Sen told about all details of meeting with phs DATED 27th June. Meeting Details of 17th July

1.We should not fill Appraisal Form - If we fill form we shall be out of NRHM , hence union will not be able to do anything for them, New Appraisal policy is totally based on exploitation - Targets are very big 120 Family Planning / Delivery  in a year , it is unachievable target , for other more points are there behavior level, Punctuality, work task initiative etc etc ,  on 100% achievement points 10% increment , on 90% achievement 8% increment , on 80% achievement 4% increment , on 60% achievement 2% increment , below 40% points person shall be Terminated. In those points basis 85% staff shall be taken out , hence it is not acceptable .check Appraisal Letter

 2. It is also seen , maximum of us are lazy  to invest money & time for protest , we want to get ourself permanent , by our ZERO efforts , Jyadatar socte hai ham aise hi permanent ho gayege,  in this way we cannnot win the battle , government will think , we dont have unity , & government will not pay any attention on us , it is told in any meeting with PHS OR CM at least 2000 people must come to JAIPUR to SHOW OUR POWER TO GOVERNMENT . Please note untill government does not afraid from us will not make us permanent , & in 2012 maximum staff will be taken out & remaining shall be merged to any other 'SANSTA' , so GHAR MEI SONE WALO JAGO , AGAR NAUKRI CHAHIYE TO GHAR MAI SONA CHOR KAR ANDOLAN SE JUDO. Ghar baite rahe to 2012 mai bahar ho jaoge .

3. Gut bazi band honi chahiye , yeha sabhi neta banna chahte hai, par kam koi nahi karna chata , aise nakara netao ki koi jarurat nahi hai jo 20,000 logo ki jindagi se khele , islile Ab state level par koi bhi neta nahi hoga , har District se 20-50 members  ki ''SANGRASH SAMITI'' bano , jo ki  samiti ko 'RAI DENGI'. ab se har JAIPUR meeting mai har varg se 4 se 5 members ka ana compulsery hai -- GNM / ANM / DPM / BPM / DEO / Com.Operater / AYUSH / AYUSH Nurse / ASHA Sup. / PHN / Accountant / Pharmasist.


दिनांकित 16 July - On 15th July Sumit sharma issued order to withdrawn the order to sack 100 employee , published in Rajasthan Patrika .check in इंटरनेट सूचना .

दिनांकित 15 July -  Please note Meeting place has been decided at JAIPUR for dated 17 July 2011,  You all are requested to sent 2 representattive each of your District - Address - NOBEL TECHNOLOGY , I.T.I., 4-S Scheme , Near Aapno Gaon Hotel , New Loha Mandi, Sikar Road, Jaipur.  

 दिनांकित  27 जून - This is to inform you all Our NRHM deligation had 3 round meeting with PHS , these are the details :-  27 june meeting details

  • Regarding Making Permanent - CM has sent letter to Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad ( Union head minister India) , which Health minisher has written they are taking the matter very seriously to make NRHM permanent & soon notification will be sent to Rajasthan Goverment . ( Letter shall be posted in Download & Sarkari news) , NRHM union is also planning to meet directly to Union Minister at Delhi , need your Valuble Views?

       Comments :-

1.     I feel it is good decision to meet with central minister by our delegation, it may strengthen our point.

2.     Main Problem is on salary 200 crore is total spend of Raj Gov. , To make NRHM PERMANENT Raj Gov. want 85% of salary expense  to beard by central government & rest 15% only, Raj gov. will bear , in this way Rajasthan government is Dirty Finance playing game with Central Goverment ,

        In such proposition central government will never agree ,  when central Gov will transfer all NRHM under State Gov. ,then why central Government should bear the cost of Salary ?  hence chances of getting permanent is very-very lesser .

  • In Sub Centre where ANM & GNM are working GNM shall be made incharge ,as they supirior in education & skills. Pleaces where GNM are not there in SUB CENTER GNM shall be recruited. GNM shall be graded as MN2 , as GNM is more qualified.
  • GPF will be given , Group Accidental policy to be given to all NRHM staff,Hard Duty allowence- 50% Rs750/-Shall be given who stays in HQ + 50% Rs750/-on performance, TDS deduction shall be stopped but will take some time , as need to convert it in some accounting Procedure , For those issue Goverment will give approval before 27 July.
  • 100 NRHM employees & PHC accountant + Pharmasist + Lab Tec + CHC warehouse Computer Operator , shall not be taken out , Goverment has sent a letter to Central Goverment , and approval in PIP 2011-12 is soon going to come , our 3 Delication clearly given in  "WRITTEN", if any NRHM employee will be taken out then all will go to a mega strike in Rajasthan .
  • New Appraisal Policy (  2011) should be withdrawn back OR Should be make eazy format , our 3 Delication clearly given in "WRITTEN" if such barbaric policy shall be implimented on NRHM employee then all will go to a mega strike in Rajasthan .

-----  IT IS INSTRUCTED NO ONE WILL FILL ''NEW APPRAISAL FORM'' , koi bhi naya appraisal nahi bharega -----

  • 12 NRHM employees case to be withdrawn , Goverment will send letter to home ministry to take appropiate action to resolve this matter. 
  • Rural allowance is Lapsed , cannot be given , as center has no budget for it .
  • Not taking out any NRHM employee after 2012 -  goverment said there is no notification from Central goverment that NRHM shall be stopped after 2012,  Goverment agreed to it said will convert to any other head, but will not take out anyone .but Deligation rejected the offer , need to discussed in next meeting . 
  • Filling of Contract Letter to be stopped - For this issue goverment said inspite of 500 bond shall make Rs 50 or 100 Bond , Goverment said for any contarct labour , bond has to filled , not they shall be as good as permanent employee, but Deligation asked time to think on the offer , need to discussed in next meeting . 
  • Regarding Salary Incriment / 10% -20% Salary Rise -  goverment said that one side you are asking 900 people job to be retained on other hand asking salary hike , how it can be possible ? Centre did not given budget for the CHC warehouse computer operator +Pharmasist+Lab Tec+ PHC accountant=900,  official asked from where the Money Will come?  but Deligation rejected the offer , need to discussed in next meeting .   


  1. I feel we need to wait central Goverment letter , if central Goverment gives AID to CHC warehouse computer operator + Pharmasist + Lab Tec+PHC accountant = 900 , then NRHM Deligation  can put our point of salary hike .
  2. Goverment this point that 900 employee salary @10000= 90,00000, only Rs 90 lakh, ke liye 20,000 NRHM staff  ki salary growth na karna , unka hak ''khana'' kaha ka insaf hai ?  kya itni kam salary mai kharcha chal sakta hai?
  3. Mere hisab se goverment is kam payment mai 2012 nikal degi , sift ahesan hoha 900 karmchari ko nahi nikala gaya , jo ki clearly sarkar ki ek ''blackmail'' hai !!! aur 2012 ke baad kisi aur ''sanstha'' mai NRHM ko daal diya jayega , taki yeh unity nahi rahe , aur ek ek kar goverment ke hisab se excess logo ko nikal diya jayega., so we must put our voice high,if salary does not increase or if we do not get any clearity of making permanent.
  4. 10/20% Incriment ka sabhi ko hak hai , yeh hamra rights hai as per agreement , wo bhi nahi diya ja raha hai,   keh ''shoshan'' hai !!! kya itni kam salary mai kharcha chal sakta hai?
  5. Goverment ne yeha samvidhan mei liye " EQUAL RIGHTS " ka clear ullaghan kiya hai !!! ........., kyuki Permanent karmamchari ke liye alag bada hua payment & contract Karamchari ke liye alag bahut kam payment , yeh "tustikaran"Kyu? yeh koi insaaf nahi hai !!!, so it is clear violation of OUR " EQUAL RIGHTS". UNION MUST MAKE A CASE AGAINST GOVERMENT. 
  6. Other state like delhi /haryana/bihar mei payment ka parameter kyu nahi banaya jata.
  • Proving Transfer To NRHM employee/Maternity Leave / Medical Leave , on these issue cannot be discssed as of PHS has short time, given to delication , will be discussed in next meeting.


  • Union requesting from all district 2 elected member (32X2= 66) should come to jaipur for meeting at 17 th JULY, On 17 will have meeting and discussion on what happened in 27th June meeting & what shall be our points of next meeting .
दिनांकित 15  जून - एनआरएचएम यूनियन के नाम-निर्देशित शिष्टमंडल देवा राम, डॉक्टर गोरा, सुनील सैनी की PHS (प्राथमिक स्वास्थ्य सेवाए-
बी.एस. शर्मा, सुमित शर्मा, वी.एस.भाग़वत ) के साथ बैठक 27 जून  हैं, आपसे अनुरोध करता हूं कि आप सभी अधिकतम राय भेजना जिसे हम मांग
पत्र में संलग्न कर सके। कृपया तत्काल जिला-वार बैठक कर सधी हुई राय भेजना, जो सभी के लिए मददगार हों।Apke Vichar
दिनांकित 24मई - सुलझाने की कोशिश की, अच्छी खबर यह है अब वहाँ उन में से सब के बीच कोई मतभेद नहीं है, अब वे हम  लोगो की समस्याओं का समाधान के पूरे जोरों से संघर्ष करने वाले है।

दिनांकित 18 मई - 769 नर्स ग्रेड सैकंड की नियुक्तियां, जयपुर. चिकित्सा विभाग ने नर्स ग्रेड सैकंड के पदों पर 769 चयनित अभ्यार्थियों को बुधवार को नियुक्तियां दे दी। इन अभ्यार्थियों के मामले में कोर्ट का निर्णय आने के बाद विभाग ने इन्हें नियुक्तियां दी हैं।  समीक्षा -- परीक्षा पत्र का रिसाव पाए जाने के बावजूद दिया गया की नियुक्ति पत्र का अर्थ पूरी तरह से  व्यवस्था भ्रष्ट हैं।check news RPSC Appointment

दिनांकित 2 मई - Rajasthan patrika समाचार , (विश्लेषण)
1. आपके संविदा नियम अनुसार तक आप सभी काम करेंगे (आपके संविदा नियम अनुसार तक आप सभी मार्च 2012 तक काम करेंगे, नए स्थायी स्टाफ RPSC Exam से मार्च 2012 से पहले आपके स्थिति लेंगे, और सरकार RPSC करने में 7 से 8 महीने लगेगे।
2. सभी कर्मचारी को पहले जैसे लाभ मिलेगा   :-
*मातृत्व छुट्टी लाभ  (बिना वेतन के
*अवकाश लाभ CL 25 दिन छुट्टी.(जारी रहेगा)
(मातृत्व छुट्टी लाभ + अवकाश लाभ CL 25 दिन छुट्टी लाभ से क्या  भला मिलेगा , यह सरकारी नीति, सरकार सभी के साथ खेल-खेल कर रहे है उन्हें समय की आवश्यकता है RPSC Exam को लागू करने के लिए और और वे चाहते हैं यह सुनिश्चित करें इस बीच में हड़ताल नहीं हो)

Dated 1 May - Government announced to close employing staff in "SAMVIDA"(Contract), and cancelled all employment from 2003 till 2011, and told SAMVIDA STAFF shall be replaced with REGULAR STAFF before they finish their contract , means before March 2012 , RPSC will be organized & new permanent staff shall be taken, they will replace us , hence Rajasthan Government CHEATED ALL. check news link - Samvida Close Letter

Dated 20 April - When CM Told to 5 member delegation that he will agree to all demands ,  CM fooled by giving a letter in which nothing was

written nor approval to our demands , he made a KAMETI of 5 member to discuss issue , 2 IAS & 3 NRHM , AYUSH broken strike first on 20th April ,

strike was ended on 21 April by union leaders,  So accepting this letter & breaking strike was wrong decision, but Now big question to choose 3

member who is cabale to to speak with IAS , is any one capable of arguing with IAS ???.


Dated 19th April - Devaram Choudhary , Dr Gora , Vikash Vaisnav, Ajay Mehra  Met with CM given the demand letter . CM said he will agree on the demands on the  ground strike to be ended.

Dated 17th April - Meeting was called on Night 9:00 am , by Rajkumar sharma at his residence  , but he came very late , he was very angry Why VIKAS VESNAV VAISNAV & PUNIA did not came for meeting inspite of 3 reminder , he told if you cannot respect me , why should i respect you people , he denied to help us ,  Meeting attended by - Devaram Choudhary, Dr Gora , Dr Ashok Sharma, Sunil Sen , Geeta Mukherjee, Madhubala Sharma.

Dated 16th April - Meeting was called on Night 9:00 pm , by Rajkumar sharma at his residence  , but he did not came for meeting there met with RAJPAL SHEKHAVAT (PERMANENT NURSES UNION HEAD) , HE AGREED TO GIVE FULL SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT , Meeting attended by - Devaram , Dr Gora , Dr Ashok Sharma, Sunil Sen , Geeta Mukherjee.

Dated 16th April - Meeting done at Nehru Garden where Devaram given the details of leeter to be given to CM for Salary Rise & Regularization , all members discussed some reform in letter , which Devaram agreed to emend , Meeting attended by - Devaram , Dr Gora , Dr Ashok Sharma, Vikash Vesnav, Sunil Sen , Geeta Mukherjee, Madhubala sharma.

Dated 16th April - 3 am in dark Rajasthan Government forcefully inhuman way broken down the “Hunger Agitation”, made illegal alignment between KARODIMAL MEENA,  CM agreed to K.Meena Demand , & K.Meena a corrupt politician SOLD ethics and handed NRHM in hand to CM do break strike by any means .(published in Danik Bhaskar, News Paper Dated 12 April Page 1 & 2 enclosed in sarkari samachar / Sampadakia )

Dated 12 April - 11 Sister sat on 'AMARAN ANSHAN' on Brutal , inhuman behaviour of goverment. check news ANSHAN

Dated 11 April - On  Dated 11 April our agitation in which 10,000 plus NRHM staff came from entire state , which was brutally destroyed by the Rajasthan government by using HORSES & BEATING WITH STIKES, to many female & Male nurses & their children many of them badly injured (published in RAJASTHAN PATRIKA, News Paper Dated 12 April Page 1 & 2 enclosed \in sarkari samachar/ Sampadakai )check news Brutal Behaviour of Raj . Gov & News

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