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RTI FORMAT TO KNOW JOB RESPONSIBILITIESThose who wants to know their rights must put RTI , only Rs 10 postel order needed and speed post to be done , don't delay it .


All Nurses,

As 20,000 Nurses Got  Government Job , But I am not Happy ............. still are many Those who were left behind those who were part of Team , I request you all to please help them to maximum so Government Regularize them Also.

My Short Story :-

I was born to this war after dark morning when my wife aamaran anshan was broken forcefully by inhuman way by shameless politician and coward police , She came to me in early morning..... she cried like kid for hours keep on saying ..... i cant be regular .....i lost .....all finished , I promised and pledged to make her regular. 

I did n knew how to do it , to do so......i had taken my request to "KHATU DHAM" and "ADHHA PITH - KOLKATTA", I got Vision there , I was able to see things .........,

I seen pleanty of leaders but no vision and no trust no knowledge & ego is at topmost , no one had any data , only BIG talks , by the grace of God created web , made union District wise , created district wise block wise new leaders , collected huge document by which it can be proved that contract employees can be regularized , everything was managed by me very far from Rajasthan from Delhi , its Long Story ..........

but i cant say i did this ........, no one can claim he or she did it  ............. all happened by the grace of Mother Kali & Khatu Naresh , i was only messenger , in fact no one did anything...... its MAA & BABA who did it.

( so whenever any women shall be hurt some one will arise for Protest and to seek justice from SATYUGA TO KALYUGA it will keep on happening)

Today 20,000 Got Job, but approx 2000 ANM /GNM still left , those who struggled in this war , without them this happiness is not worth.


Hope left people shall be regularised also .



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